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Dawn’s Story

After the HA, I went home for 2 years. I worked really hard to save money for school, served at my youth group, and took some Jr. college. The second year I was home, I…

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The Honor Academy: Stacy’s Story

I would like to start by saying that my faith in God’s Sovereignty has only grown over the years since I attended the Honor Academy. God knew that I would be attending the Honor Academy….

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The Honor Academy: Jamie’s Story, Part 4

THE WAR Teen Mania had a bit of a crisis half-way through my undergraduate year. 9/11 had occurred, and numbers were down. Parents were hesitant to send their kids overseas on mission trips. Youth groups…

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Emma’s Story: Part 2

Summer started for Global Expeditions in June. I was working in operations in GE, and we had to basically make “Immersion” happen for each wave of missionaries. We had to plan the services, the ceremonies…

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Hosanna’s Story

Hannah recently sent me her story, but noted that in her TM days, she went by “Hosanna.” The thing about TM is that you have this weird “connection” with people. That “you understand the 1-2…