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More Hypocrisy from Teen Mania

The Honor Academy website recently posted an article about SOPA titled, “Piracy is a Sin…Are You Involved?” It states: Piracy is considered stealing…As Christians, are we sensitive to the extent of piracy? Do we justify…


Taste of Their Own Medicine?

I was recently reading through Teen Mania’s “R.I.O.T. Manual,” an evangelism guide published in the mid-90s. Ron Luce states, “This tactics section of your R.I.O.T. Manual is NOT a suggestion list. These aren’t just good…


Ron Luce Advocates Arranged Marriage?

The central tenet to Ron Luce’s courtship process seems to be that finding a spouse should be a process governed by our minds, not our hearts. We should make objective decisions NEVER clouded by emotions….


Ron Luce’s Courtship Teachings, pt. 2

As stated yesterday, the Bible does not provide a model for how to find a spouse. However, this does not stop Ron Luce and Teen Mania from putting words in God’s mouth and insisting that…