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Sydney’s Story: ESOAL

Moderator’s Note: “Sydney” sent this story in last night. While she prefers to remain anonymous, its important to know that her story is recent and occurred sometime in the last 3 years. In my intern…

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A Marine’s Point of View

Frequent commenter, dan, wrote this in the forum last week and I thought it was too good not to share. Dan is a former Marine and has a long history with Teen Mania including being…

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Is ESOAL safe?

ESOAL 2010 starts next Wednesday. As we’ve discussed before, ESOAL is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually unsafe. The list of injuries is long including staph infections (one that almost killed an intern and led to…

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Courtney’s Story

I went to the HA several years ago in the middle of my sophomore year of college because I was seeking to be stronger in the Lord. Looking back on my time in the HA,…

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Hosanna’s Story

Hannah recently sent me her story, but noted that in her TM days, she went by “Hosanna.” The thing about TM is that you have this weird “connection” with people. That “you understand the 1-2…

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Chase’s Story

Moderator’s Note: “Chase” contacted me because he was concerned that this blog was not helpful but instead might be causing division. He graduated in 2009 and loves TM. He wanted to share his “positive” story….


Conference Call: Beating Your Body

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about different aspects of the conference call. Today, let’s look at the “popular” HA teaching – Beat your body and make it your slave. MY QUESTION: @…

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8 Things Teen Mania Needs to Change

A reader and fellow alumnus wrote this essay and sent it to me. I thought he made some great points and it was worth sharing here. Please keep the discussion civil. 🙂 1. Embrace actual…