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Opposite Sex Friendships

An intern in the current Honor Academy class wrote about her first experience meeting her brother core. Her brother core CA (core advisor) then gave these “words of wisdom:” He asked us not to go…

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Ron Luce’s Sex Teachings, Part 1

Before we look at the specifics of Ron Luce’s teachings on sex, I want to highlight this very disturbing and dangerous doctrine. In a 2001 teaching, Ron says: Sexual intimacy outside of marriage always breaks…

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Pre-Marital Kissing is a Sin

Well, that’s what Teen Mania wants you to believe. In her talk to the intern women this past November, Katie Luce said the following: It’s not just whether we have intercourse or not, whether we…

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Women Are to Blame for Men’s Lust Problems

Women at the Honor Academy are constantly taught that they should not wear anything that might cause their brother to “stumble” (i.e. – have lustful thoughts.) Unfortunately, once again, Teen Mania takes a seemingly good…

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Teen Mania’s “Courtship Constitution”

As part of their homework, Teen Mania interns are required to write their own “courtship constitution.” This constitution is supposed to define the set of procedures you will use during your courtship. The men and…

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Fear & Shame in Dating

Shared with permission: A few months ago, an alumnus called me seeking advice about a potential romantic relationship. You see, there was a boy that she liked, but she was convinced that she had ruined…


Ron Luce Advocates Arranged Marriage?

The central tenet to Ron Luce’s courtship process seems to be that finding a spouse should be a process governed by our minds, not our hearts. We should make objective decisions NEVER clouded by emotions….


Ron Luce’s Courtship Teachings, pt. 2

As stated yesterday, the Bible does not provide a model for how to find a spouse. However, this does not stop Ron Luce and Teen Mania from putting words in God’s mouth and insisting that…

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Ron Luce’s Courtship Teachings, pt 1

Every spring, Honor Academy interns get a series of relationship talks on dating vs. courtship, marriage and sex. While talking with recent interns, I have noticed a trend of many of them being totally unable…