Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Alternate – Stands for “Alternate Exercise” for those who are too weak or injured for regular corporate exercise. Alternate participants are often considered lazy.

AP – Accountability Partner

ACA – In charge of their particular room (4-5 interns). Reports directly to CA.

ATF – Acquire the Fire – weekend conferences for Christian youth hosted by Teen Mania and their main recruiting vehicle

CA – Core Advisor (2nd year intern in charge of the core)

Core – Group of 10-15 same sex interns that go through the internship together

CCM – Center for Creative Media – media production arm of Teen Mania staffed by second and third year interns

Corporate – Short for “corporate exercise” held at 5am on the “Anvil” (basketball courts). May involve stretching and calisthenics but the major emphasis is running.

DH – David Hasz, former director of the Honor Academy and current COO of Teen Mania

DD or RD – Dorm Director formerly called Resident Director. Each dorm has one DD. The CAs report directly to this person.

ESOAL – Physically and spiritually abusive event based on Navy Seals Hell week. Stands for “Emotionally Stretching Opportunity of a Lifetime.”

Gauntlet – The first 7-10 days of the internship. Gauntlet week consists of personality tests and skills test to determine where each intern will work in the ministry. Interns also learn the entire history and mission of TM.

GI – Graduate Intern (2nd or 3rd year intern that is either a CA, MT, SOW or CCMer)

HA – Honor Academy

LTE – Life Transforming Event (various retreats held throughout the year including ESOAL, fasting retreat, mountain climbing, etc.)

MT – Ministry Team (GIs that travel around the country to put on the ATFs)

Orange Block – Consists of the first 2-3 weeks of the internship and has especially restricted rules including: no texting anyone except parents or youth pastors, no leaving campus, interns can only listen to worship music and can and only have sugar one day a week.

RL – Ron Luce, founder and president of Teen Mania

SOW – School of Worship

TM – Teen Mania Ministies