C.R.’s Story: Honor Academy of the Ozarks, pt 1

A new Honor Academy “charter” was established late last year (2009) in Branson West, Missouri, called the Honor Academy of the Ozarks (HOA). Its based in a church there called Living Word Church and it used to be The Internship at LWC. I don’t have much information as to what the routines were like with that internship but what I heard indicated that they were a lot more relaxed than when they became associated with the Honor Academy. In December of 2009 I was involved in a pretty serious car accident that resulted in a totaled MINI Cooper. I had been t-boned in the driver door and I came out of the wreck with no injuries, I knew that it was God who had protected me. At that point I really didn’t have much in life, car was totaled, grades were in the toilet (I was a sophomore in college at this point), my family was being torn apart by my bratty little sister, and the only glimmer of hope I had was God, my loving girlfriend, and a brochure from the Honor Academy of the Ozarks. I had checked out the HA in Texas my junior year in high school, had applied and was accepted but a gut feeling told me to pull out before I went. My parents were disappointed but at the time I felt like I had made a smart move. I called a couple of times to get info on HAO and took the dive to go January 2010. January 2nd, 2010 I broke up with my girlfriend, packed up my car, and headed for the hills. All the while with that gut feeling nagging at me telling me that this was a bad idea. Oh how I should have listened.

At this point I will break down the story into the pieces that led me to ultimately leave.

Physical Abuse

While I am not the most exercise oriented person I knew that there were limits that I could handle. Our corporate leader did not understand these limits. The first day we had corporate we were woken up at 5am to trudge up a frozen hill (we had received a large amount of snow the day before) and we were promptly told to “warm up.” A warm up is generally stretching and getting the body ready for more arduous work out. Instead we were immediately told to do jumping jacks, butterfly kicks, push ups, the usual fare for a trained marine or soldier. Well since we were “Warriors for Christ” a “small” workout shouldn’t be an issue because God would help us through the whole thing and we would emerge totally refreshed and rested and that pain is just a sign of sin and so on. I kept pushing myself and found my limit and pushed beyond it, trusting in God to keep me going. Well there comes a point where God says “Take a break.” the Honor Academy does not say such things and once I passed my limit, I passed out and took a header into the wall. I woke up to “In the name of Jesus I cast you of this man’s body.” While I was still a little fuzzy from my little trip to la-la land I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, suddenly passing out = possession and not exhaustion?” This routine continued all through Orange Block (aka January). I needed to see a doctor but insurance issues kept me from seeing one. Because I couldn’t produce a doctors note saying that I needed to cut back on the heavy workout, I was expected to keep going even if I couldn’t physically stand up. From other posts I have seen, it seems like if you reach this point you are allowed to stop and rest, we were not allowed to do such a thing.

Another thing that really got to me was the lack of time allotted for sleep. We were expected to be up early for work or corporate depending on the day, we could not do homework during work (understandable), we had classes, then church commitments (usually taking 4 out of 5 weeknights), then we were expected to do our homework and 20 minutes of working out. Due to this strenuous schedule and lack of sleep I quickly became sick only a few weeks after starting. Since I did not want to use up sick days or break days, I pushed myself to go to work and corporate as soon as I felt able. Since I did not get proper recovery time, I fell ill again only a week or so later, then the process was repeated again in February. In total I fell ill 3 times in 2 months, to give you an idea the most I usually get sick in one year is once maybe twice. I knew that the schedule I was running was the culprit. After a particularly heavy snowfall I was informed that I had to do extra training for being sick that week along with another one of my brothers. I had just assumed that we would get up that Saturday morning after the sun had come up and would work out. No, we were told to get up at 5am and shovel the snow from all of the walkways and doorways of the housing units and the church and shovel out some of the parking lot. I am not a doctor but for two young adults who are recovering from illness, shoveling snow in below freezing weather isn’t the best method of recovery. Afterwards the only thanks we got were from each other and it was more a thanks for support and not thanks for doing the job. We could have easily been asked to do this same job after the sun had come up and allowed the temp to rise above freezing, but it was seen as better punishment to do it at 5am. These things alarmed me greatly and it scared me to think what other things I would be forced to do all in the name of having a servants heart.

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  1. Wow. It sounds like the HAO is not all that different from the HA. How sad. I am SO sorry that this happened to you.

  2. I'm so sorry. Those people are insane! No compassion, no mercy and all in the name of Jesus.

  3. You shall know a tree by its fruit. In this case, we shall know the HA by its HAO.

    HA party liners, can we now be done with the "that all happened in the past" line once and for all? This happened this year, people!

  4. Dictionary.com
    Lookup: No rest for the weary

    You must keep persevering no matter how tired or overworked you are.

    Note: A variant is “no rest for the wicked,” which implies that the devil will not allow his followers to rest from their evil doings.

  5. Thanks guys. After finding this site and realizing it was legitimate and not a bunch of people whining, I really wanted to tell my story. Thanks RA for posting this.

  6. C.R. – thank you for sharing your story… i am SO sorry that you went through this.

  7. kristen- Your Welcome and thank you. I just really fear the fact that the HAO might be mistaken as "different" from the HA. Thats one of the things I was mistaken about. its been a long road since I came back and I think that getting my story out there will let out the last of the sour feelings about the whole thing.

  8. It makes my heart sink to read your story. That's horrible!

    However, I think it's fantastic that you can begin your healing journey so quickly C.R. What an awesome thing to have an outlet to share in a place where people understand what you went through. You are not alone, and this experience is NOT God's nature.

  9. different pony, same tricks. the HA is now spreading their faulty and abusive tactics (in the name of jesus) to a new market.

    so sorry you had to endure this. i can completely relate (see carrie's story). there is a lot of love for you here.

  10. CR-

    I'm sorry this happened to you…I would consider legal action for their lack of medical care and their pressure on you to continue with the workouts even though they were clearly a physical danger to you.

    I think the legal term might be reckless endangerment….

  11. Just wait until they open up shop in Mexico where the laws are even more relaxed!

  12. CR – So did you come down to Texas for ESOAL? I may have facilitated you! haha. Sorry about your experience!

  13. Angela- No sorry haha. I started January 2010 and left March 1st 2010. I didnt have the misfortune of being at ESOAL. Even if I had stayed there was no I would do ESOAL. I talk about that a little bit in Part 2.

  14. umm… opening up shop in Mexico?

    …… oh. no.

    have i missed something????????

  15. Wow.
    C.R. This is NUTS!
    I will vouch for H.A. Texas that Mr. Hasz isn't THAT crazy. But the G.I.'s and R.D.'s are. This is the direct fruit of T.M.'s teaching.

  16. Oh yeah. They are starting an HA in Mexico and are looking for a few alumni to help start it. I go an email.

  17. yea I got an email about Ha in Mexico. wanted to get a few alumni involved to get it started down there.

  18. "Pillar 6 of the Honor Academy of Mexico: If you don't drink the water, you don't have any faith and thus you are a heathen sinner."

  19. oh wow. yes, it's real. there is a letter on the home page for the Alum website. Here is a YouTube link to a short video about it….


  20. If you haven't joined the forums yet, its worth it just to read the thread on HA Mexico and see the "artwork" that was submitted…lol

  21. Ahh C.R. what a relief haha.

  22. I honestly, seriously, do not know what to make of this… I cannot believe "the Kingdom of God" is filled with people lacking such a basic level of common sense. I seriously don't know where to start with this post. Obviously this post is slightly exaggerated, however, I pose the question, even if it was exaggerated could this be considered traumatic? 20 Minutes of exercise is not torture, anyone who believes otherwise, needs to take a walk. Regularly, preferably leading to a jog a week later, then to a run. It seems that everyone is under the impression that Marines and Soldiers are at a superior standard of athletics, this isn't the case. Soldiers can withstand PT for hours, however, none start off that way, and from day one at a Basic Training, 1 hr of PT is the bare Minimum, I'll say again Bare Minimum. This is to I'll say this twice as well, keep a balanced Equilibrium, and Maintain the body, not to even move it in substantial weight loss, or muscle building direction. I can't remember when any PT I did was for less than 20 minutes.

    Pain = Sin is a stupid argument, No one in there right apologetic mind would make this argument, no one, or thus, Christ Sinned by hanging on the cross All day long, and possibly 40 days straight during his fast.

    Casting out demons from muscle failure, or exhaustion, or from becoming faint, is a good measure of your limits, however your leadership should not jump the spiritual gun to possession. Not everyone can have the notoriety of having an Emily rose in their bay, Unfortunately.

    I'm sad to hear that you didn't take anything positive from this experience, When I left Teen Mania, I thought my destiny was going to be dying for my belief in Christ. So I guess were all in different places

  23. C.R.

    I think you went the same time my friend did, she was pushed to the limit to but says that God was keeping her going. She told me about ESOAL and LTE
    and the abuse she endured and she's thrilled about it! It didn't quite make sense to me, thats when I found this site.

    I am a Christian and believe in the Gospel with all of my heart but I also believe that God gave us pain and and other physical signs to tell us when we have had enough.

    I'm sorry you had to go through this.

    I hope this doesn't discourage your faith in Christ.

  24. @Anon

    Thank you for your encouragement and support. Its been almost a full year since my entire HAO experience and I can say I am in a much better place spiritually than I was at this moment last year.

    I am a lot happier with myself because I have come to trust God to make me into who I need to be. I am looking forward to marrying my wonderful girlfriend in the next year or so. I am going to automotive school and doing well in that. All because I listened to what God had to say. Not to what a misguided person had to say.

  25. It's not abuse it's something we all have to endure!! BE NOT A Quitter the HAO has helped me and changed my life and i really dont know what you talking about when the whole "lack of sleep" because that is your choice how you manage your time……

  26. Nunquam Honorablus | May 3, 2011 at 12:01 am | Reply

    "It's not abuse it's something we all have to endure!!"

    I would just like to know what "it" is that we ALL have to endure. Can you elaborate, Anon?

  27. "i really dont know what you talking about when the whole "lack of sleep" because that is your choice how you manage your time……"

    Oh hey, great way to emphasize cultish manipulation techniques.

  28. Also, could you provide chapter and verse citations for "BE NOT A Quitter" ? I tried looking it up in the Bible, but all I found was something about "Cease striving and know that I am God."

  29. Anon: I was wondering when an HAO intern would come on here and try to tear down the truth. I bet I am a bit of a dirty word around that part of the world.

    "Its not abuse it's something we all have to endure!!"- In your mind, that phrase makes you and the interns seem like heroes. To the rest of the world, it makes you all look like self loathing people who want to inflict pain on themselves in order to make an "impact" on the world. Get with it, REAL people are not impressed with self-martyrdom.

    "BE NOT A Quitter"- I did not quit. I left. There is a huge difference. If you READ the other part of my story, you will see that I was at the brink of committing suicide because HAO was filling my ears with lies that made me feel like I was worth nothing to the Lord. Also, has Paul given his whole dont throw in the towel speech yet?

    "i really dont know what you talking about when the whole "lack of sleep" because that is your choice how you manage your time……"-I am currently attending school 5 days a week and will soon be adding on a part time job on top of that to help pay for bills. Each of my classes last 3 weeks long. I will be learning, essentially, every single system in a car, in a year. Time management is something I HAVE to be good at. Time management is something I have ALWAYS been good at. The thing with time management is that you have to HAVE TIME TO MANAGE. If all of your time is filled with "work" (by that I mean trying to recruit people to come out to the middle of nowhere to be brainwashed), then "church", then "quiet time", then homework. Where are you supposed to fit in sleeping? Not power naps, like real 6-8 hours of sleep. Its not possible. HAO drains you from day one so your mentally weak so that they can put their lies in your head.

  30. "You have to have time to manage." Great quote, CR!

    And this made me lol:

    all of your time is filled with "work" (by that I mean trying to recruit people to come out to the middle of nowhere to be brainwashed)

  31. Oh geez! I know youre young, but stop many people have heart attack or seriously injure their backs every year shoveling snow. They put you in danger! And now pain is sin and being shock calls for punishment? Our prisons treat people better than that! This nearly made me cry she I feel like legal action should be taken to recompense you, but more so to make sure they don't do this to anyone else

  32. I cant believe you guys. Your a bunch of babies. I have asthma, high blood pressure, and several other things but I can servive at the HAO. I love the church and the people who opperate it. I cant belive the stupid crap you people put on here. You should be ashamed of yourselves. CR, we got along pretty good. I actually really liked you but you let satan get into your head and mess everything up.

  33. Nunquam Honorablus | August 11, 2012 at 2:36 am | Reply

    Hey BMC- welcome to the site! Here's a nugget of wisdom I had to learn the hard way, coming out of the HA.

    Christianity is about how you treat people, not how much you can withstand.

    Just throwing that out there.

  34. BMC, you sure a judgmental one. Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.

  35. BMC: "You should be ashamed of yourselves." These are the words of "the Accuser." In other words, BMC, it sound like Satan's gotten into your head!

  36. BMC you are absolutely right! I did the HA and I faced the same things and I made it through perfectly fine.

  37. Dear CR,
    I am sorry you had a bad experience at the HAO. Since you have left in 2010 we have had much success in previous classes. In fact, I think you are the only one who has ever spoke out negatively about the HAO. It is sad that you feel that this environment should be known for a 6 week poor experience and not the others who have graduated and actually enjoyed their time here. We are a charter of the HA in Texas and have the same values, but we are not exactly the same. I think if the purpose is to bring peace among believers, the right thing for you to do would be to delete all your posts so that people can cease from striving as the person above posted. You 6 week poor experience does not summarize the HAO experience. Not everyone shows up here completely out of shape and unwilling to discipline their bodies. We have one young lady here right now who has lost 60 lbs this year and now LOVES corporate exercise.

  38. I know people who were here at the same time that you were and they unanimously agree that your account of your short (SHORT) time here is HIGHLY exaggerated. My concern is your 6 week visit and you lying about it will keep people who need to go there from following God's will for their lives. You are the only person I have seen talk bad about an internship program that has helped countless people and continues to do so. I pray that you search your heard and admit that what you have posted is not truthful. I hope you can move on from one bad experience to enjoy the rest of your life. However, by leaving this up, I think you would rather live off past drama. Good luck

  39. > "You are the only person I have seen talk bad about an internship program…."

    You should look a little harder. Here's a letter signed by 95 Teen Mania alumni confirming that they now disagree with HA's methods. Here are 81 detailed first-person accounts of abuse.

    Meanwhile, the only positive statements I can find about HAO online are on their own website. In fact, far from "countless people," the only currently published statement describing the effects of the HAO internship appears to be this one! How's that for some irony?

    Which parts exactly of C.R.'s story are untrue? What about the other stories, are they all lies?

    Frankly, if I was just starting to investigate Honor Academy of the Ozarks, the passive-aggressive victim-blaming of the anonymous comments would confirm for me exactly what C.R. writes about. I'm glad that this story is here to keep people who don't need to be subject to this kind of spiritual abuse from getting sidetracked from God's will by this bankrupt and damaging organization.

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