Breaking News: Teen Mania Campus in Foreclosure

Teen Mania announced today that they can no longer afford
their compound in East Texas and are entering a “friendly foreclosure” with the
bank, which allows them to take less of a hit on their credit than full blown
foreclosure proceedings. (Which would have likely been inevitable.)

Anyone who has been watching their trajectory over the past
few years has seen this coming. In 2006-2007, they had around 700+ interns
paying a monthly fee to work full time for them on their campus. In the past
2-3 years, each intern class has only been around 200-250. That is a
significant drop off in both revenue and the free labor that they depend upon
to run the ministry.
I’m not a financial wiz, so I asked someone to interpret their
financial position according to their publicly available tax filings. This is
what he said:

The latest filing is for the fiscal year ending 8/31/2012. Teen
Mania lost $1,149,000 that year and $1,369,000 the year before. 

To finance that deficit, they went further into debt. Their debt exceeded
the value of their assets by $4,166,000 that year and $3,017,000 the year
before, accruing over another million dollars in debt that year, which means
that they either borrowed money from somewhere, or simply didn’t pay vendors or
others who should have been paid (possibly both). 

Their donations have gone down significantly in the past several years. Going
back through the earlier 990’s it appears that they’ve been insolvent since at
least 2007.

In addition, at least one of Teen Mania’s vendors is suing them for breach of contract (non-payment?). They are currently in the midst of that legal

So how is Teen Mania spinning this epic disaster?

They are changing their name to Teen Mania International (an attempt to
distance themselves from all the negative press they have received, I’m sure)
and claiming a new strategy for conducting ATF events in foreign countries
(where people are less likely to know of their bad reputation?)

Ron Luce says, “Leaders from so many nations have invited Teen Mania to
conduct Acquire the Fire events in their nations saying, “Our teens are more
like American teens than even our own culture. Can you come and help us reach

The last time (only time?) Teen Mania conducted an ATF style event on foreign soil was in Uganda, 2009. They partnered with local pastor, Martin Ssempa – outspoken advocate for the “kill the gays” bill being debated in the Ugandan government.

So that’s great.

Teen Mania will also partner with The King’s University based in Southlake,
Texas (suburb of Dallas). “The King’s University is coming alongside Teen Mania
and offering those who choose to pursue their education and ministry training
through the Honor Academy a fully-accredited degree program with academic

Accredited by the same body that accredits Bob Jones University and Pensacola Christian College, it is important to note that the entire degree program at The King’s University
consists of ministry, Bible and theology classes. The degree program omits most all general education requirements (math, science, literature, world history) and as such, the
courses taken at King’s University will likely only transfer to another
Christian university, or perhaps as an elective to a state school. Personally,
I graduated from a Christian university but I’m not sure even they would accept
transfer credits from a class entitled, “Spiritual Warfare” or “Our Pentecostal

Sample degree program here.

For some people, this kind of education might be a perfect fit but it is
important to note exactly what that education will be and what you can legitimately
expect to do with it if you plan to transfer to another school.

So will Teen Mania International be able to survive with this new-ish model?
I doubt it. None of Teen Mania’s fundamental problems have gone away. They
still hold the same philosophies and techniques that they always have so there is no reason
to think that future interns (or whatever they decide to call them) will be treated much better than past interns. The main difference in the program is one of isolation. The interns will no longer be dragged out of their
beds in the middle of the night and taken into the woods to play torture games.
They will also be in close proximity to people living outside the Teen Mania
bubble. While those are both improvements to the program, at its heart is still
a dangerous, spiritually abusive place to be.

If you’d like to read the full press release, click here

116 Comments on "Breaking News: Teen Mania Campus in Foreclosure"

  1. It is important to note that the accreditation body for Kings is not recognized by the Department of Education.

  2. Actually, according to their website they have been recognized since last July – after trying for many, many years.

  3. Uh. I think someone should go back and make sure every single post on this blog has the words "Teen Mania International" somewhere in the post – with a disclaimer at the bottom of the post explaining the name change, but the fact that nothing else has changed. Crazy town still exists with a new name. Teen Mania International is even more nutso than the site I linked with my post, and the world needs to know.

  4. Sane in Seattle – Great idea!!

  5. Is it really a safe assumption that the middle-of-the-night torture games will go away just because they're moving to a city? They might morph a bit but I would bet there's still gonna be some serious "exercises" that they will need to say they want to take mulligans about later.

    • I went through torture, military type on a missions trip to Hong Kong/china in 99. It was traumatic. I was to stay in Texas for a year immediately following the trip. Due to the treatment and PTSD i suffered, I instead got a plane ticket home. They would not refund my $4500. I would love to have that back. The experience could be in a book. Maybe I should ask Ron Luce for a personal refund all these years later. That experience changed me

  6. "The future is bright for Teen Mania Ministries and Honor Academy." —"Recovering Alumni Response", 2010

    And it only took four years.

    I've seen this coming — in fact, I've prayed for this to come — since 2006 when I first heard about ESOAL.

    Dave Hasz resigned, Heath Stoner quit, and Ron Luce is in foreclosure.

    Cult leaders everywhere, take note: The future is not bright for you when the people you abused start telling the truth. The future is not bright for you when you refuse to change or say you're sorry. The future is not bright for you when you act like Teen Mania.

    • What I wanna know is where was Jesus uplifted and how were the teens encouraged , and where does it say in the word to torture teenagers make them feel afraid (which fear is from the enemy ) ….. “having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.”
      ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭3:5-7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  7. Nothing is really new. TMM/TMI started in the city. Kings University is at least the 3rd University they partnered with. I doubt that moving to Dallas will change much.

  8. Agreed, Sean. Nothing will change that much.

  9. I disagree Sean. Moving to a metropolitan area will make it MUCH harder for them to conceal activities— such as ESOAL and similar. Cults usually have their compounds in remote, limited access areas for this reason. Being in Dallas, the "interns" will also be "subjected" to culture *Shock* *Gasp* more frequently and therefore not as easily brainwashed.

  10. They stopped ESOAL a year or two ago.

  11. Anon, I am aware of that, I was using that as an example. They have continued ESOAL under different names. I believe the last name used was ANVIL

  12. Actually Shannon it is currently PEARL and is still an optional LTE as it always has been.

  13. Well God bless you and I hope you realize that you're infamously talking about the ministry and you know the consequences. Good day.

  14. It amazes me that because someone had a bad experience at Teen Mania (TM) that they would bash their organization. The truth is that the problems people had at TM were more problems among the people there, not the organization itself. Truthfully, you are bashing an instrument that is used to bring glory to God, to bring people to Jesus! Have you ever thought that maybe you are working against the works of God. A bad experience does not equal a bad organization. It just doesn't. I'm sorry your experience was bad. In fact, I myself, had a bad experience there. But it was not because TM is a bad place. It was because people are human and make mistakes. I'm just sorry that some people cannot see the harm they do to something that is bringing people to Jesus.

  15. Anonymous the last, actually when the same problems come up again and again even in the most recent and smaller classes it shows a system wide abuse. I don't expect it all to go away because they are in Dallas, I do expect it to be more covert. I suspect the current incarnation of the theoretically optional but highly pressured retreat that equates physical prowess with spiritual warfare will still happen. It will likely be something where they will move the people to other places for a weekend "retreat" that will include such activities. Renting a retreat center that is pretty remote for a weekend while it won't be the same thing will likely mean they still push people in ways that are unhealthy and do the same things. I do not believe they will change the abuse except to make it more intense. Think things like IHOP does and what awfuls we have seen out of them.

  16. Sorry I don't have an account on here so it says Anonymous. :/ I was an intern 5 years ago and saw this coming as well. Its nothing surprising. If you look at other ministries you can see a pattern. Lots of youth no longer interested in that kind of stuff. Was only a matter of time for TM. I'm glad their moving locations. A fresh new start is what every ministry needs at some time. I wish them the best.


  17. Anon at 11:18 – As I mentioned in my article on Teen Mania's doctrine, I have a friend who came to the Lord when some Jehovah's Witnesses gave her their Watchtower "Bible." Does this mean that we should accept that the JWs (regarded by most as a cult) must really be doing God's work, and never point out that their doctrines hurt people and don't align with Christian orthodoxy? Or does it simply mean that God can do His own work in any situation He chooses to?

    I find it very interesting that you admit that you yourself had a "bad experience" at TM, yet you blame it on "problems among the people there, not the organization itself." But an organization can only be made up of people. What the people in an organization do is what the organization does. The people made the legalistic rules of the organization, the people ran the parts of the organization where interns were injured, the people spoke for the organization when they lied to the media, and all the rest. TM is a bad organization precisely because it enabled people to do so many bad things.

    The people who ran the TM organization were given a chance to repent and change the patterns of behavior that hurt you and so many others. They didn't. The result of those people's decisions is what we're seeing today. If I may say, it sure doesn't look like God wanted TM to continue as is. You have to wonder why not.

  18. ". . . I hope you realize that you're infamously talking about the ministry. . ."

    I do not think that word means what you think it means.

    "Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues." –Proverbs 17:28

  19. Agreed with this latest Anonymous. That use of the word "infamously" was "infamously" wrong. 🙂

  20. will be sad to see it go. had some bad times but some good times as well.

  21. Sounds like TM has a lot of issues to face. Nevertheless, I like Sarah's attitude " I wish them the best." You know why, because this shows she recognizes them for who they are, an imperfect ministry made of people who are struggling to do the right thing. I am sure glad God doesn't treat us the way some of you treat this ministry. Ultimately, Teen Mania will be held accountable by God, and so will we. Additionally, TM is made of people like you and me. To wish them failure simply shows the ugliness of our nature and to loose sight of who makes up Teen Mania… I sure wish even at my worse there will be people who will wish me the best, even if that is recovery, or counseling, or whatever it takes for me to get back on my feet… but to rejoice in someones down fall is a down fall in itself. Be careful that you don't end up doing just the one thing you criticize others for… We will all be judged with the same weight we judge others. Just a word of advise, leave it if it doesn't apply to you, but if you find yourself feeling defensive, well, this might be a good time to look deeper. I wish Teen Mania (staff, interns and associates) the best in their transition as I imagine this will be one of the hardest times in their lives. I am confident God will deal with them as He sees it best fits, so I trust God, pray for Teen Mania, and continue to live my life for His glory.

    -An everyday believer

  22. Hi Anon, I'm not sure why there is an assumption that this ministry is made up of people struggling to do the right thing. If you haven't been involved with TM before then it's nice of you to give them the benefit of the doubt, but there are many here who have seen first-hand that there have been plenty of decisions made and lives forever negatively impacted because people in decision-making roles did NOT do the right thing that was staring them in the face. Even when they were point-blank shown what the right thing was. So…. it's not so great to shame people who are speaking out about their feelings on this move. How about assume the people who have been hurt are struggling to do the right thing every day and this is the course they've found to be best?

  23. Oh Recovering Alumni,

    As I searched for news on the next Alumni Reunion, your blog popped up once again. I pray that the Lord would really soften your heart and heal any hurt you went through. To constantly criticize every move Teen Mania makes is not life-giving. No one is purposely trying to hurt you. I pray that your hardened heart would truly turn into a heart that portrays life, not deaf to believers regardless of whether or not they are affiliated with Teen Mania or not.

    We're all human and we make mistakes. Teen Mania was run 90% by young adults, of course there would be mistakes made, but it doesn't mean we judge or condemn them because of it.

    I pray that you would extend the same grace that Jesus Christ extends to us. I also pray you extend forgiveness to the very extent of it's meaning.

  24. Anon 11:27 — It seems un-Christlike to judge people's hearts for speaking the truth about their experiences. TM themselves gave much of the information in this post in a press release. After all, Jesus said, "For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open." (Mark 4:22)

    Everyone does make mistakes; not everyone hurts hundreds of vulnerable young people in the name of God for two decades and refuses to acknowledge it or repent. As I've followed it, this blog has followed exactly what Jesus told us to do to unrepentant sinners like the TM leadership: "If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector." (Matthew 18:18)

    Jesus certainly does offer grace and forgiveness for everyone, which is why people who believe in Him need to stand against those who preach legalism and spiritual abuse in His name. Jesus Himself took an even dimmer view of that than this site does, in fact: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea." (Mark 9:24)

  25. I'm sorry you all were so hurt by someone else who was hurting? Forgive and let go, and let freedom in. God doesn't share our rating scale. Sin is sin. If you are bothered, pray, love and extend grace, just as Jesus did with all of us. 🙂
    We cannot spend more time bashing the Bride of Christ than we do praying for them.

  26. Anon @12:04 — I agree, forgiveness is a very good thing. So, whom should we forgive, and for what?

    If we're not willing to acknowledge the fact that what people (even the Bride of Christ) did to us was wrong, then we can't possibly forgive, show grace, or pray for them, because we'd have nothing to forgive them for. In other words, what you call "bashing" is actually the first step of forgiveness.

  27. Personally I went there. Yes it had its ups and downs like every other school, but everywhere you go will. This nonsense about being woken up in the middle of the night needs to go away. They do have some out dated and ridiculous rules but if you were in esol you signed up for it. IT WAS YOUR CHOICE. Dont go bashing the entire ministry just because you regret your decision. And what about CCM ( Center for Creative Media)? It is part of the Honor Academy too. Something people seem to forget. Still with out dated rules but the things I learned there helped me on my way toward my designated career path and taught me some of the disciple and drive that I need to be successful. What they need is encouragment, help, and a whole lot of revamping starting with those in charge. Not getting bashed buy people who are butt hurt or have no idea how the program actually is. God bless and my core brothers and sister still in the program I wish you all the best

  28. TKU UPDATE: The King's University (TKU) is a Church of Foursquare Pentecostal School founded by former President of Church of Foursquare, Jack Hayford. Hayford is an Apostolic elder of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, which is currently the third largest church in the United States. Hayford's Church on The Way and this school in Van Nuys, CA were struggling financially. Senior Pastor of Gateway, Robert Morris took over the school and moved it to Southlake. Morris is also a Pentecostal. He dropped out of East Texas Baptist University after only 2 semesters. After buying the small university, Hayford awarded Morris with an honorary doctor of letters. Robert now touts himself as Dr. Robert Morris, claiming that he now holds a Doctorate in Literature, despite having almost no college education.

    Morris has poured tens of millions of dollars into this vanity project. All of Morris' family members are on the GW payroll yet only one (son Josh) holds a degree – an associates in film and video production. Morris makes over a million a year at GW and the rest don't do so poorly either. I would expect more honorary degrees to be forthcoming. Morris loves dressing up in the academic regalia complete with honors stoles and silly renaissance hats. He gave his best friend Jimmy Evans, another college drop-out of Marriage Today fame, a doctor of letters and the same for Steve Riggle an E-21 member and Houston mega-pastor. All three swan around in the regalia at TKU like Harry and Lloyd at the KEN Conference. Ron Luce is on the TKU payroll as a guest speaker and a faculty member at Riggle's Houston TKU branch.

    TKU credits are of such low value that even the local community colleges in DFW won't accept them as transfer credits. They basically charge over $11,000 a year to hang out in cool coffee bars with guitars. The President of TKU is John Spurling who thinks so little of his own university that he sent his only daughter to Oral Roberts University instead. TKU is good enough, however, to employ her now as a full time party planner, where she earns a great salary for partying, getting mani/pedis and taking selfies. No one is going to want to pay Ron $8,000 a year to do slave labor for him when they can attend parties, drink third wave coffee and listen to awesome worship music at TKU for only $3,000 more. Ron cannot isolate people in Southlake or Dallas.

    Ron Luce sits on the Empowered 21 (E-21) Leadership Board along with Robert Morris and Jack Hayford which means he will continue to receive GW support for some time. Gateway sponsored E-21's Jerusalem 2015 event this past May 2015. Their Pastor Tim Ross was a featured speaker and GW Worship provided the music. Ron Luce was also a big paid speaker at this conference. Not sure what E-21 is? Put on your tinfoil hat and see Morris and Luce are going to bring on the Second Pentecost.

    Regular ATF Speaker Mike Guzzardo is also a high paid Executive Pastor at Gateway. He and Luce go way back as Guzzardo did TM's PR for years prior to being a speaker. Mike still continues to speak at ATF events, when they aren't cancelled due to lack of interest. Mike should know better than to support such an organization, but he apparently makes enough extra money that he's willing to turn his head the other way when it comes to students suffering. These men are dangerous and people need to be warned. I hope y'all post an update on Ron and his very tight Gateway connections. When Teen Mania International finally flames out I expect he will be put on the GW payroll permanently.

  29. I went to the Honor Academy for about 6 weeks in 2006. I haven't really thought about it in years. So much of what was going on there was wrong; I was an extremely sheltered kid and I could see that. When I left, I wasn't listened to, instead I was told that I was the problem.

    I'm really glad that this part of it is over. I hope Luce and whoever continues to follow him will learn from their past mistakes–that they will actually think about what happened and what those who were hurt by the ministry said and give it weight so that they won't go on to hurt anyone else out of fanaticism.

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